Stone Bros. and Associates were started in 1948 as a partnership between Max D. Stone and Merrill L. Stone (brothers). Stone Bros. and Associates and their related entities have built more than 16,000 homes, over 500 apartment units, more than a dozen shopping centers and more than 15 office buildings in Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento and Modesto.

Founders Max and Merrill (now deceased) were born in Aberdeen, Idaho. Max was a farmer in Idaho before coming to Stockton in 1946 and Merrill was in the United States Army Air Corp during WWII. They came to Stockton and worked initially as real estate agents.

After Max and Merrill’s regular work hours they constructed two homes for speculation. Commencing on January 1, 1948, Max and Merrill opened Stone Bros. Realtors and expanded into a community development business. With their keen foresight, Stone Bros. envisioned an early demand for residential and retail growth in Stockton, north of the Calaveras River. Early in their career, they began purchasing undeveloped land in Stockton and other valley locations, which was soon followed by construction and development of various single family dwellings, multifamily dwellings, offices and shopping centers.

Stone Bros. prides itself on reinvesting in its current properties and investing in them for the long term. We are in business to create value for our owners, employees, tenants, partners and customers. We will do this by delivering solutions which offer increased value and enhanced service and by adhering to our core values of being fair, dynamic, innovative, driven and client focused. We will provide expertise, exceptional service and cost efficiency, while working in partnership with our clients.

Today, Stone Bros. headquarters are at 5250 Claremont Ave, Stockton, CA and is actively owned and managed by the 3rd generation of Stones.

Stone Bros. through years of experience has developed a reputation within the building industry and community for quality, honesty and integrity. A reputation the entire Stone Bros. organization is justly proud.